12 February, 2014

Kim - 25

I have played sports since I was a little girl. Sports were the backbone of my childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood. I was always working hard towards a goal, whether it be making a travel team, making varsity, or getting a college scholarship to play softball. When college ended I learned what it felt like to workout on my own without a schedule or a coach telling me what to do. I loved the freedom but had no direction in my workouts. Then I met Burt. In my early days of Bootcamp and Training he trained me to push myself out of want instead of requirement and taught me the mentality of "chase the burn." When he opened Crossfit Edge I was excited for the new challenge. Crossfit has become a part of life that I can't part with. It is therapy on a stressful day, it is work that is rewarding, and does more good than any other vice at chasing away stress. I spend more time with the people at the box than anyone else and my fellow crossfitters have become a second family. It is mentally trying at times, physically exhausting, but overall it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever been a part of and I wouldn't trade the time spent doing a WOD for anything!


12 February, 2014

Steve - 25

I have always been a traditional gym goer, so when I joined Edge I had no idea what I was getting into. What I found after joining were intense workouts, new friendships with the other guests, and motivating coaches that were eager to teach. Doing CrossFit at Edge has become a big part of my life very quickly and I can see myself staying to train here for years to come!






03 February, 2014

Bev - 60

I began my journey with Burt 4 1/2 years ago, at that time I was 75 lbs heavier and not able to do a single pushup. I believe to stay with the same trainer as long as I have with Burt you need more than just to see results, you have to enjoy to work with them or you won't show up week after week.  As one of his older clients he has had to sometimes work around my aches and pains, but has never let me slack off.  I will be turning 60 later this year and because of Burt I'm in better shape now than I was in my 30's. I would recommend Burt to anyone. He has made me a believe that age is just a number and if you are willing to put forth the work the results are amazing.  Thanks Burt

03 February, 2014

Jill - 44

Crossfit was a foreign term to me but I wanted to check it out. I am glad I did! I have been at Crossfit Edge since it opened and I look forward to going every day. I arrange my schedule around my workouts now. I have to make myself talk a rest day because I do enjoy going because each day is something new. All the workouts are varied. I may not like the workout when I am there but fully enjoy the accomplishment when done. Burt is a great trainer that takes my limitations and is able to scale the workout so I can feel confident finishing and still have a challenging workout. Since starting Crossfit I am stronger, feel more confident and know I have a lot of support from Burt and Scott. I am still learning all the lingo of crossfit but would not go back to a gym that you are just a paying customer. The trainers at crossfit really care about you as a person. Also the greatest part is meeting a lot of awesome people who are supportive and great to work out with. So if you are thinking about joining Crossfit I would say try it because you will love it!


02 February, 2014


By the numbers: Body Fat % went from 19% in Nov 2012 to 12% in Nov 2013, and my weight stayed exactly the same, like to the nearest pound. That’s really only with CrossFit for 9 months and I’d say 70% committed during that time. Since last September/October I’ve dramatically changed my diet(nearly paleo) and have been 100% committed, aside for maybe one week during the holidays, where I became depressed because of my time off, lol.

National showdown was a highlight, taking 6th and competing with athletes that are on my next level. My max clean went from 255 in September 2013 to 275 in Nov 2013 as I prepped for the event. Funny how I attempted 275 in September and didn’t even come close, busted my ass and then in Nov. I got 275 quite easy. There's that and then countless other wod/lift increases.

My shoulder, hip, leg, and you name it flexibility has improved. One of the biggest this I've gained too is a core, never had one before, and that weakness was exposed and strengthened. And yea I could go on and on but I know we don't have all day.


02 February, 2014


I have always been extremely active and a member to a gym participating in group fitness classes, boot camps, kick boxing, running numerous marathons, century rides and more. I was always intrigued cross fit but intimated by the heavy weights involved. A friend talked me into trying it and referred me to Cross fit Edge and I was hooked. I have learned so much in a few months at Cross Fit Edge and have gained confidence in lifts thanks to the coaching and mentoring provided by Burt and Scott. They are extremely knowledgeable, passionate and incredible teachers. When people ask me about cross fit not only do I share my new found passion but also am sure to articulate the importance of finding a good teacher and practicing good form because that is truly what has made my experience so great. Not only does Cross fit Edge say “Leave your ego at the door” but the members practice that. Everyone is very encouraging and welcoming, doesn’t matter if you’re the first one to complete a workout or the last, lifting the smallest amount of weight or the heaviest, everyone is pushing themselves to their ability and encouraging you to do the same, which makes workouts more enjoyable. I plan keep cross fit in my workout for years to come and look forward to growing stronger alongside these great coaches and my new cross fit family.


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